… to the home of infectious disease research at the University of Lincoln! Based at the Joseph Banks Laboratories, School of Life Sciences, we are interested in a range of infectious diseases of clinical and economic importance to humans and animals. Our research programme is multidisciplinary, and includes clinical global health research with our international partners,  along with genomics and molecular epidemiology, and also wet-lab research into pathogen-pathogen interactions. Unlike many infectious disease research groups, we are not restricted to an individual pathogen, and have core expertise in both virology (betaherpesvirus infections, viral haemorrhagic fevers, and emerging infectious diseases) and bacteriology (Tuberculosis, pneumonia, sepsis & meningitis). This diverse range of collaborative research interests, combining laboratory and computer-based research, with clinical trials and epidemiological studies, allows us to target a broad range of funding streams, and is also central to our ethos of providing diverse and enriching research training opportunities for our students, equipping them with a range of knowledge and skills, tailored to their interests and current employment and PhD opportunities.



MSC Student Projects V2.0

We provide research training in infectious diseases for post-graduate MSc Microbiology students at the University of Lincoln, providing a range of research and skills-development opportunities. Projects typically combine work in two of our three realms of operation: The lab, the computer and the clinic, including field work with our global health implementing partners in Zambia (www.herpez.org). MSc students are encouraged to focus on their career development plan from day 1, to ensure they receive value for money and leave with the skills and experience required to fulfil their career ambitions.


Latest Publications

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